KDM History

KDM Die Co., Inc., established in 1967, was joined by Frank Posluszny, a 28 year die making veteran at Barcalo Mfg. Co./Niagara Crescent, Frank, K.D.M.'s "first employee" became a partner in 1969 when the company moved its operations from a Dempster Street garage to slightly larger quarters at Best and Jefferson, on Buffalo's tough "East Side.”

Gary Posluszny, Frank's son, started his career with the company in 1972 and became a partner one year later. Gary developed a New York State Die Making Apprentice Program at K.D.M. in 1974 providing an opportunity for apprentices across the state a system of earning while learning and learning by doing.  K.D.M.'s first employee to graduate from the apprentice program recently celebrated his 40th year of service with our company

Having been primarily in the drop forge die making business for several years now, Gary recognized that K.D.M.'s direction would soon need to expand.  By adding machining and tooling for the welding and fabrication industry, K.D.M. began servicing large heat exchange and skid package manufacturers. In 1979 Frank's youngest son Carl joined K.D.M., working part time while he attended college. By 1981 K.D.M. had again out grown its facilities. Frank & Gary added additional manufacturing space on E. Lovejoy, just a few blocks away from its original startup garage location on Dempster, doubling the size of its operation. Over the next few years K.D.M.'s continued sales growth made necessary the acquisition of two additional buildings on E. Lovejoy, doubling again its manufacturing space.

With the company's growth constant and it's direction now firmly charted, Frank retired in 1985 and turned over the CEO reigns to Gary.  Carl, now a full time employee, was made a partner and the company consolidated all its manufacturing to the Lovejoy facility. That same year K.D.M. moved into the world of high tech, adding CNC Milling, CNC EDMing and CAD/CAM to its manufacturing capabilities. K.D.M.'s growth continued and in 1999 the company tripled its plant size by moving into a new 30,000 sq. ft. facility with two and a half acres of gated property on Elk Street providing many of the logistics it was lacking at its multi building Lovejoy facility. With its seasoned workforce, additional manufacturing and office space, prime location, established customer base and manufacturing expertise, K.D.M. is now well positioned for significant growth well into the next decade.